whats on my mind:


through the attitude or intention "I play" every activity can become a play. 

but also,  it can be vice versa: 

a playful action itself can loose its character through an altered attitude.

(Michael Roes "Leeres Viertel")

Currently I am working on an live-installation performance inspired by this idea.





my solo programs right now:

visual perception
Inigo Giner Miranda: enlightened
Gerhard Stäbler: Messenger of Spring
Florian Volkmann: Der Wolf und die Schafe 
Matthias Bauer: VL-SZ
Cathy van Eck: Hout en Snaren

singing violin
W.Zimmermann Vom Nutzen des Lassens / and: Interieur / and:Verdehtes Lied
Jürg Wyttenbach: Unfortunate Coincidence/and: trois chansons violées
Hemut Oehring: Sexton A.

Vinko Globokar: Limites
Hemut Oehring: Sexton A.
Peter Köszeghy: l'École du libertinage
Enno Poppe: Haare

Walter Zimmermann
Walter Zimmermann: Die Sorge geht über den Fluß (45')

Boris Blacher: Vier Ornamente
Pierre Boulez: Anthèmes
Morton Feldman: For Aaron Copland
Helmut Lachenmann: Toccatina
Iannis Xenakis: Mikka
Elliott Carter: Riconoscenza per Goffredo Petrassi

young composers from Berlin
Enno Poppe: Haare
Petros Ovsepyan: of white
Inigo Giner Miranda: enlightened
Matthias Bauer: VL-SZ
Peter Köszeghy: l'École du libertinage

you can meet me:
KAP Modern at Nikolaisaal Potsdam, Foyer
I'm conducting Simon Steen-Andersens'
"On and Off and To and Fro"